Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know, I know! How many blogs am I really going to have! Well, I'm trying to condense it all into one place...and that place is here!

When thinking of a name for a blog that encompasses it all....I really had a hard time. I have an affectionate nickname from some good friends at the restaurant of "Power MILF". I love it, it cracks me up when they call me it, however it does have a racy inclination that I thought best to leave out (and it would be more than a little egotistical to call myself that!). So after thinking, and thinking, and searching other blog names, I came up with "All in a Day" signifies so much! How much do we all accomplish each day!

A woman's life is busy, especially if you're trying to do it all, not because you have to, but because you want to! For example, this morning I made my son's lunch for daycare, discussed what we would have for dinner for the next couple of nights with my husband, made a grocery list, checked emails, created a new blog, downloaded a blog reader and twitter app on my new phone, checked facebook, commented on facebook, checked in on, played with little lady, ate breakfast with two cups of coffee, listened to my Principles of Banking lecture and took notes, posted two blog posts, read a couple blogs....I mean, it really could go on forever! And the To Do list for the rest of the day is even more busy! But we do it because we love it, at least I do!

So you'll be seeing my favorite products, weightloss successes and FAILS (like lasts nights cake scenario), questions and revelations about parenting to a three year old and almost four month old, and much, much more! I always seem to have a lot to now I can get it all in one place! Its far too much information to post on Facebook, and most of my FB friends, couldn't care less....but some of you do and I hope you're share with me!