Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toddler Tuesday - Potty Training

For about 6 months now, we have been working with the little man to get him to use the potty. We bought the cute, noisemaking training seat, (the noise is supposed to be his reward for using makes me want to throw it out the window), and the even more cute little boy undies with his favorite characters on them, Cars, Toy Story and Thomas the Train. We've tried using treats, reminding him every half hour and letting him run around naked. He did a great job, at home only and usually only when he is naked. Then he got sick. He was sick for a couple of weeks and we just hadn't gotten back to it, until yesterday.

I know he's ready. He is all too aware of when he has to do #1 and #2, in fact he often tells us about it as it's going on...a sure sign. So we started working on it again. And this time I focused on wearing the undies and pants and teaching him how to take them off and more importantly, put them back on by himself. He did GREAT yesterday! No mishaps! far, only one. The other little nuance we have to work on, how to use the potty properly.

He does not use his cute little potty anymore, he wants to use the big one. Thats fine. However, his preference is to stand on the seat and squat over the toilet. Apparently he feels more secure that way. I'm not a fan of the little footprints left behind, as well as am nervous one of these days he's going to fall right in. He did already have an instance at Grammy's, where she did find him with one foot in the bowl...oops!

When asking for advice, many use a sticker chart. I'll have to put my creative side to work and make one. But more importantly, how do I get him to work on it while at daycare? I don't want to be a burden on my provider, she has enough to worry about. I also don't want to send him in undies thinking he'll do it on his that up would be no fun for the provider either (nor sanitary for the rest of the kiddos). So how do we make it a 7 day a week focus? Do we just go all in...or just wait until he does it all by himself (and keep working on it at home)?

There is just under one month until his 3rd birthday. What a birthday present that would be for Mommy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness

Here is my goal for the month of March! USE THIS BLOG! I want to use it for a number of things...but mainly to get all my interests and thoughts into one place! The hardest part, at the start anyways, is what to blog about. It is important to have a focus, I have too many. But I am confident I can combine it all right here (that's what the title says doesn't it...ALL in a day) and though not everyday will hold a topic that readers might be interested in, everyday will contain something that is relevant to me.

During my long drive to visit my friend and her new baby yesterday, I had lots of time to think about lots of things. The main topics were this blog and some craft ideas (which I will get to later). Here is what I came up with to keep my blog fresh and keep me writing. Each day of the week will have a different focus...all with super catchy tags. This is what I've got so far.

Mommy Mondays - basically, a whole post dedicated to me! Okay, not really. That would get boring to anyone but my mother. And even she might not bother reading it. It will be anything that I'm interested in (i.e. - new products, cool websites, clothes, etc.), things I've been working on (crafts), and anything else that keeps mommy(ies) sane. ( I was thinking of getting a wine review in here somewhere too! Who doesn't like to try new wines! )

Toddler Tuesdays - You may be able to guess this one. I have a toddler (well now he's called a preschooler I guess, but toddler goes better). Toddlers bring a whole set of questions to the plate almost on a daily basis. Add the adorability factor of things they do and say, and my toddler is sure to entertain.

Working for the Weekend Wednesdays - Making money, saving money, tales from the restaurant, networking tips and links (I LOVE networking). Anything that helps make more money! Although it doesn't make you happy, it certainly has its attributes.

Lola's Thursday - Umm, yeah. This name, not so was hard. Any suggestions?? Obviously it's about my little baby girl. Being terrible as I am at keeping at baby book, or track of anything she does for that matter....this will be a good start! Plus being the focus and model for many of my new knitting and crocheting projects...there will be lots o' pictures.

Fit for Friday - I'm on a weightloss journey. Who isn't these days. I'm also planning to run a half marathon this fall. Again, who isn't these days. Tips, tricks, personal successes....good stuff right?

Saturdays I am taking off. I'll be busy. I'm sure.

Sunday, Bloggy Sunday - I am having so much fun reading other blogs...that I want to find more and share them! I also love to I will take some time to learn more about this crazy blogosphere!

So that is my plan. What do you think?

Oh yeah, I'll start tomorrow....