Tuesday, April 12, 2011

About a Boy!

I've posted a lot in recent days about my little girl.....so I want to dedicate a post to my little boy! He just turned 3! I just want to reminisce with some pictures from his adorable first year of life.... 

We make the cutest babies don't we. He was the sweetest baby boy and is still pretty sweet, though I have to confess that this age certainly has it's challenges. He is very emotional (I think he gets that from Daddy...he would have to agree). His mood changes on the drop of a dime...literally, if he drops a dime, he can have a total breakdown. We saw it this morning. Potty training is definitely on his schedule, not ours, and its clearly he isn't ready, especially when given a choice, he prefers diapers. His eating habits (or lack there of) make me nervous. He is chatty and I love hearing him have his own conversations and am always impressed with some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. I love it when he uses "Actually" and always in the right context!

He is ALL boy! He loves four wheelers, fire trucks, school buses and.....


His big birthday present! And it makes him so happy and is so worth every penny. But I work hard to keep him well rounded. My husband thinks I'm pushing music and art on him. Um, no, just because I insist on buying him at least one new musical instrument and some new art supplies for Christmas, doesn't mean I'm pushing it on him! He really enjoys music AND art...see...

Such concentration!

Most days are good days, his tantrums and grumpiness are usually short lived....and when he is grumpy, he definitely doesn't like his picture being taken. And I love taking it it!

He is a wonderful big brother and loving little boy, I'm sure these mood swings, tantrum and fits are sure to subside soon right? Is it really the Terrible Threes instead of the Terrible Two's? Because honestly, the two's weren't so bad.

I love my handsome little man!
~ Cerina